General Introduction

With a number of different languages on offer in the curriculum, the Languages Specialism shared by William Perkin is cutting edge in its teaching and learning approach. This outstanding provision is enhanced by a full and varied portfolio of extra-curricular visits and exchanges. We currently run a trip to Normandy for Year 8, a German exchange and trip to Madrid in Year 9, and a joint History trip to Berlin in Year 10. We aim for every child to have had the opportunity to go abroad at some point in their school career.

KS3 Overview

All Year 7 students at William Perkin study French at least four times a week and the most able also study Latin. In Year 8 some students will then become triple linguists, adding German or Spanish to their timetable.

In Year 7, students learn to introduce themselves, to talk about where they live, their school, their free time and holidays. They will develop their skills in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, as well as establishing a deeper understanding of grammatical patterns.

In Year 8, students begin to study units with a cultural focus including studying Francophone culture around the world. They also learn to talk about new technologies, food and drink and the world of work.

KS4 & KS5 Overview

At William Perkin, we aim for as many students as possible to study languages to GCSE. Language options at GCSE include French, Spanish, German and Latin with some students choosing to study multiple languages. At GCSE, students study their main language every day, following the AQA GCSE course (OCR for Latin) which involves the three broad topics of identity and culture, local and international areas of interest and future study and employment. We offer French, German and Spanish at A level and every year lots of students choose to take a language as part of their A level courses.


Students are assessed at quarterly points throughout the year. They are assessed in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. For Latin, students will receive one assessment per Quarter in comprehension and translation.

Lesson Prep & Homework

William Perkin CofE High School encourages all students to take responsibility for their own progress. Students are expected to complete preparation tasks before each lesson which help consolidate learning and prepare for the next lesson. In addition to lesson preparation after every lesson, students will receive assessed homework tasks each half term which will either be centred around the four key language skills or will be focussed on encouraging memorisation or grammatical understanding. Students will be set weekly vocab learning on online software.

Stretching Students

The Twyford Trust’s close links with partner schools in the target language countries ensure that there is a rich and varied range of extra-curricular opportunities available for students. Teachers are passionate about the target languages and cultures, and there is a range of regular extracurricular activities as well as the formalised visits and exchanges. Extended Electives in Languages include Foreign Language Media (Music, Poetry, Film, Literature, Art) and Wider Languages outside the curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to be one of the MFL reps who help to run whole-school language events or, in Year 10, to join the future linguist programme which helps build the CVs of gifted linguists.